About the Dent RPA IR(ME)R2000 Radiation Protection Course

***UPDATE: We intend to update our online training course by early next year. However, the existing training course is still highly relevant to current radiation protection practice, despite the references to the superseded IRR 1999 and IR(ME)R 2000 legislation. Clients who require radiation protection training at this time are still encouraged to take the course***

This course aims to meet the General Dental Council's requirement for five hours of continuous professional development (CPD) in radiation protection in every five-year period. It also serves as suitable training for persons acting as Radiation Protection Supervisor for a dental practice.

The training is divided into nine sections and you are required to take a short multiple choice quiz following sections 2 to 8. Candidates are expected to frequently pause the video clips to reflect on the content in order to maximise their learning experience. For subjects with which the delegate is unfamiliar, it may be necessary to view the video clip twice or more before progressing to the quiz. You must achieve a pass mark of 80% or greater in the quiz to be able to progress to the next section. Where you fail to achieve the pass mark you should normally review the section again in full before retrying the quiz.

Once you have activated the course using the activation code, you can return whenever you like and the training can be completed over as many sessions as you like. The system will remember which parts of the course you have completed when you log in again and this will be clear to you. There is no time limit in which the course must be finished.

The course should also be undertaken in conjunction with a selection of the reading materials in the Self-Directed Learning section. These include the Dent RPA IR(ME)R2000 handbook and Radiation Protection Supervisors manual. There is also some guidance on good practice in dental radiography, answers to frequently asked questions on a range of issues in radiation protection, local rules and the national guidance on good practice in radiation protection. The materials in the Self-Directed Learning section will enhance the candidate's knowledge of the practical implementation of radiation protection in dentistry and ensure that the training comprises the full five hours of CPD.

On successful completion of all nine sections and the self-directed learning, you will be able to generate a certificate demonstrating completion of the course.

Please ensure that the sound on your computer is turned on before commencing the course. Good luck!

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