The Dent RPA system allows the customer's radiation protection documentation such as local rules, IR(ME)R file, RPS Handbook and quality assurance records to be held securely online and reviewed remotely via any internet connection.

Our radiation protection handbooks provide a comprehensive radiation safety management system for dental practices. The handbooks supplied include the Procedures and Protocols for Medical Exposures Manual, which provides a template to ensure that the customer meets the requirements of IR(ME)R 2017, and the Radiation Protection Supervisor's Handbook and Quality Assurance Handbook which provides management systems to comply with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017. The website provides a facility for users to customise the handbooks for local use and allows the personalised documents to be held securely online in the “My Files” section.

Comprehensive details are given of all the equipment quality assurance tests needed to comply with current legislation and guidance. Our website provides the means for recording and analysing the data, including assessment of clinical image quality, and avoids the need for any complex calculations on the part of the user. The test scheduler indicates the status of the QA programme at any time so managers can ensure that the tests are being done. This section is regularly updated to reflect the requirements of new technologies.

The Local Rules tool allows the user to devise a document detailing safe systems for work for their practice by completing a simple and quick online questionnaire. The local rules generated by the tool assist the user to comply with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017. They are held securely online in the "My Files" section and can be reviewed by the Dent RPA Radiation Protection Adviser as necessary.

The exposure chart function allows users to record their protocols for medical X-ray exposures electronically. This tool can be invaluable in standardising exposures across surgeries and ensuring that X-ray procedures are optimised in accordance with IRMER. This function makes it simple to review and revise exposures where necessary and to advise dentists of changes in machine settings.

This section gives users access to a series of information sheets that can be printed as leaflets and given to staff or patients who may be concerned about the risks of radiation. Many of our customers keep a selection of the leaflets available in waiting areas for patient reference. The information sheets available include the following subjects.

  • Risks of dental X-rays for patients
  • Risks of irradiation in pregnancy (information for patients and dentists)
  • Young persons visiting areas where X-rays are used
  • Advice on assessing risks for pregnant staff
  • Equipment on loan, demonstration or lease

The "Ask the RPA" function gives users the opportunity to submit questions on any matter pertaining to radiation protection directly to one of Dent RPA's expert Radiation Protection Advisers. Dent RPA aims to respond by to all queries within 48 hours by email or telephone.

A full annual Radiation Protection Adviser's audit is available to users via our online questionnaire. Users are guided through a series of questions which are designed to assess the compliance of their practice with current radiation protection guidance and legislation. A report is generated with details of necessary remedial action and this is submitted to the Radiation Protection Adviser to comment and provide further advice where requested.

The resources section hosts of large number of useful documents such as equipment handover forms, relevant publications from professional bodies, equipment-specific training templates and useful reference documents.

Links to a wide range of organisations are given. These include government bodies, professional institutes, regulators and Colleges. Our website makes it possible to link directly to legislation such IR(ME)R2017, IRR2017 as well as other important guidance documents provided by organisations including the Health and Safety Executive, Care Quality Commission and Health Protection Agency.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section gives the answers to a wide range of common queries. Topics covered include taking X-rays during pregnancy, use of lead protection for patients, quality assurance, training requirements and personal dose monitoring. The section is constantly updated with new information on current topics.

"My Files" allows the user to securely store important documentation such as the Procedures and Protocols for Medical Exposures Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Audit Reports and Local Rules. The web-based nature of the site means that documentation can be made accessible to the Radiation Protection Adviser who can review it as necessary and make suggestions for changes. The files can also be accessed remotely by the user and made available to inspectors such as those from the Care Quality Commission or Health and Safety Executive.