Saving You Time and Money

Equipment safety checks and compliance surveys performed on site by our technicians, saving you time and inconvenience

Unbeatable value for money with prices lower than other providers (for equivalent service specification)

Safe storage of your documentation with instant on-line availability for inspections and accreditation visits

Included is a full set of bespoke Radiation Protection Handbooks and provision of Local Rules & Annual RPA Audit Tool

Exclusive use of the leading Dental Quality Assurance on-line software

Dent RPA Standard Package

Fully Comprehensive Radiation Protection Adviser services (under IRR17)

Provision of a Medical Physics Expert (under IR(ME)R2017)

Equipment quality assurance testing by a trained technician, including cone beam CT

A radiation protection management system via our IR(ME)R2017 and Radiation Protection Supervisor’s Handbooks.

An annual Radiation Protection Adviser’s audit

Provision of Local Rules and assistance with designation of areas

Risk Assessment Procedures with worked examples

Equipment Specific Training proformas

Quality Assurance Test Organiser with scheduling capability

Equipment Handover procedure

Exposure Chart Software

Advice sheets for patients and staff

Online advice via the FAQ section of our website

A Library of Relevant Documentation

A web-based upload facility for keeping your documentation safe and easily accessible

Fully Remote Access via the Internet

Full access to our Radiation Protection Advisers via email and telephone

Benefits of using Dent RPA

Ionising Radiations Regulation 2017 (14) states that "every radiation employer shall consult such suitable radiation protection advisers as are necessary for the purpose of advising the radiation employer as to the observance of these Regulations". The Health and Safety Executive have recently published a report showing poor legal compliance by dentists and promised tougher enforcement action.

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 require the appointment of a Medical Physics Expert to advise on medical exposures. The MPE is required for tasks such as advice on patient dosimetry, development and use of new techniques, as well as other matters related to radiation protection concerning medical exposures.

Dent RPA provide comprehensive RPA and MPE services as well as a full radiation management system and online resources to ensure that its customers are in full compliance with IRR17 and IR(ME)R2017. We provide our customers with an annual audit facility to assess their degree of legal compliance and provide recommendations for remedial action and additional support where appropriate.

The website is constantly updated with new legislation, guidance, handbooks, quality assurance tests and procedures as they are introduced. All subscribers are informed automatically about relevant information that they affects them. Members have access to the most comprehensive range of resources available via our website. The site also has useful links to a wide range dental radiology resources.

Subscribers have access to the widest-available range of resources, tools and test via the website. These include handbooks, local rules, audit tools, QA software, advice sheets, exposure chart software and a huge range of other useful and relevant information and resources. All resources and tools are designed to be practical and simple to use, making compliance with radiation protection legislation quick and efficient.

Our Radiation Protection Adviser services represent unbeatable value for money and offer a comprehensive service and resources at a lower price than any of our competitors for an equivalent service specification.

The three-yearly equipment quality assurance surveys are carried out by highly experienced technicians while our prices compare favourably to the postal pack methods used by some other providers. Our personal visits save the customer time and the difficulty of doing the testing themselves.

The web-based system allows the customer’s radiation protection documentation such as local rules, IR(ME)R file, RPS Handbook and quality assurance records to be held securely online and reviewed remotely via any internet connection. This feature can be very useful where a single person manages several practices and allows the Radiation Protection Adviser to review and advise on the radiation protection programme, where requested.